text messages 76 to 80

76. LOVE is the only gold. At the end of our lives, we won’t be judged by how much money or possessions we leave behind, but by the number of lives we’ve touched because of deep and sincere love.

77. Ang puso parang bote. Kapag nabasag, mahirap ng mabuo muli. Ngunit tandaan mo, nabasag man puso mo, may isang taong na handang masugatan sa basag na piraso para lang buuin muli ito.

78. If you want to catch a butterfly, don’t run after it. Instead, sit down and open your hand. It will just land on your palm when it needs to rest. That’s the way to find love.

79. Being single is cool. No worrying about anyone. No obligation and best of all no heartaches. But you know what? If you will never get your heart broken, you will never learn how to love.

80. When you have nothing to say, say nothing.

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