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409. The deepest experience of joy is embracing God inspite of pain, thanking God during trial, trusting even when tempted and loving Him even He seems distant.

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408. A happy heart is a good medicine and a positive mind works healing. In your busy schedule, don’t forget to smile and have a good laugh because it adds color to your life.

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407. Happy person’s don’t have the best in life. They are just good in making the best in everything that life brings along their way. Stay happy.

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406. When we start our day with prayer, it’s like putting ourselves in the palm of God’s hand and saying “please watch over me”. God be with us today and always.

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405. The world can bring you down. It can get you wrong. It can give you pains. And even wanna make you give up. But in the end just look back and “God is with you all along.”

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404. Life is unpredictable. Anything could just happen. It might be success or a mess, but for as long as we are living on Lord’s side, we will win. Cause God never loses a battle.

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403. Ang babae pag niloko, naiinis. Pag pinaglaruan, nasasaktan. Pag iniwan, umiinom! Pero pag yan naka recover mas gumaganda at di mo na mababalikan.

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402.  When we are always worried, upset or depressed, all we are really doing is delaying God in bringing the victory. God works where there is an attitude of faith. Stand still. God will fight the battle for you.

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401. Faith is like swimming. Struggle and you sink; rest and you float. When you pray, don’t beg or struggle, simply believe. That’s how faith works.

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400. As we travel through life, pastures are not always green nor the waters still. But when the storms beat the hardest, God draws near and whisper, “I AM HERE, nothing to fear.’

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There is no egg in eggplant.
No ham in hamburger.
And neither pine nor apple in the pineapple.
French fries were invented in England.
Boxing rings are square.
A guinea pig is neither from Guinea nor it is a pig.
If the plural of tooth is teeth, should not the plural of phonebooth be phonebeeth?
If a vegetarian eats vegetable, what the heck does a humanitarian eat?

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398. God never says “do this”, "do that”. He never bullies us. Instead, He reaches for our hand and lovingly says, “My child, I’m here, we will do this together.”

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397. Talk happiness, talk faith, talk health. Say you are well, and all is well with you and God shall hear your words and make them true.