text messages 26 to 30

26.  There are only few things in life that I ask for, but most of them I never get to have.  But this time, I really hope my wish comes true.  And if it does, I wish I will never lose you.

27.  Friends are like underwear, always a comfort.  Good friends are like condom, always protecting.  Great friends are like viagra, lifts you up when you are down.

28.  Every failure is a lesson well learned.  Every success is a battle well fought.  And every good friend is a jewel well kept in one's heart.

29.  God is not a coke, but He is the real thing.  Not a lipovitan, but gets you going.  Not rexona, but won't let you down.  He is not Metrobank, but you are in good hands.

30.  Sometimes, loving can be so painful.  But it is amazing to know that no matter how hard it is, loving someone is still the simplest reason why you find yourself smiling. 

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