text messages 36 to 40

36.  The perfect person exists only in our dreams.  In this life, we have to settle with whoever comes close, someone not perfect but real.

37.  While I was walking, I stopped for a while and thought of things I don't have in life.  But I suddenly realized I have you and I feel complete.

38.  Sometimes the love we are looking for is right in front of us, too close for the eyes to see.  So close your eyes and let your heart see for itself.

39.  Absence does for love what the wind does for a flame:  it extinguishes the weak and feeds the strong.

40.  I wouldn't know what to do if I'd lose you.  I wouldn't know what to say if the day comes when you would go away.  Tears would fall and my heart would break, but knowing you would never be a mistake.

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