text messages 41 to 45

41.  Love is the greatest thing on earth.  It makes and it breaks.  It gives and it takes.  But even though it hurts sometimes, you still don't know how to hate.  You just keep on loving.

42.  Sometimes, we think that loving someone can be such a risk.  How else would we win if we don't take a chance?  We don't lose by loving, we lose by holding back.

43.  Go for the person who loves you.  It is not wrong to love someone who belongs to someone else.  But it is much better to love someone who could also love you in return.

44.  Sometimes we just smile to cover up the pain.  Sometimes we tend to laugh to cover up the hurt.  But whetherr we smile or laugh, you can never cover up the real feeling inside your heart.

45.  Sometimes we must be hurt in order to grow.  Fall in order to know.  Lose in order to gain.  'Coz some lessons are learned best only thru pain.

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