text messages 56 to 60

56. It’s a mystery why people still fall in love after a heartbreak and risk getting rejected and hurt all over again. I guess it’s the dream of finding true love or simply because life is sweeter when you’re in love.

57. It’s so hard for me to say I’m fine without you. But deep inside I’m hurt and I have to pretend I’m ok and push myself to smile. But then I have to hold back the tears, ‘coz from what I see, you’re doing fine without me.

58. A boy was about to leave. But before he did, he gave his girl a dozen of roses. 11 was real and 1 was artificial. He told the girl, “don’t cry, I will love you ‘til the last one dies”.

59. Why do we fall for someone who isn’t really for us? Should we blame ourselves for falling with the wrong one? Or should we blame the one we fell in love with ‘coz they made us feel that they are the right one?

60. Not everything in life can be given to you. Sometimes you have to make things happen. In the end we make our dreams come true.

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