text messages 66 to 70

66. You might find it easy to fall in love with someone. The hard thing is how to keep that someone forever. That’s the challenge of love, fighting without knowing how to win.

67. There’s always pain and disappointment when falling inlove. But continue sharing your love ‘coz the more you love the more you’ll get to know yourself. ‘Coz every person you love becomes your reflection.

68. If you ever find a friend better or nicer than me, go ahead di kita pipigilan. Pero pag iniwan ka niya, tingin ka sa likod mo, andun ako nang-aasar sa’yo. “Better than me pala ha?!”

69. I have done the bravest thing in my life. I let go of someone I love so much. But as I did the bravest thing, I never felt weaker. All I did was to cry and with that “hope I was never that brave”.

70. Love may take long but it will always take you to where you belong. Enjoy the journey, no need to hurry. ‘Coz your heart will know when it’s finally home.

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