text messages 100 to 105

101. Kapag true love mo pala ang isang tao, mahirap kalimutan. Kahit umibig kana sa iba, siya pa rin nasa puso mo. Pero hanggang kalian ka magtitiis sa pag-ibig na alam mo kahit kailan hindi para sa’yo?

102. It always fills us with happiness when we know we are truly loved by the one we love dearly.

103. Close isn’t always measured by distance. Friends can live miles away, but the bond of love, formed long ago, always keeps them close at heart.

104. Sometimes we dream of having someone we really like. But life isn’t like that. We don’t get everything we want. But in the process, we end up loving someone better than what we dream of.

105. It really sucks seeing your eyes filled with tears. I wanna hug you tight from your back and never let go. But I’m scared, scared that you will push me back and say, “pwede ba, hindi ikaw ang kailangan ko”.

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