text messages 126 to 130

126. I thought you were just one of the many acquaintances I’d meet through out life. But knowing you slowly became a pleasant surprise. Now I understand what they mean when they say blessing in disguise.

127. What if nakasakay mo sa jeep ang mahal mo, kasama yung ipinalit sa’yo? Anong gagawin mo? Ako, simple lang. Sisigaw ako, “mama, para na po! Biyaheng impyerno pala to!”

128. I need no ecstacy nor cocaine. Your kiss is enough to drive me insane. No matter how they get me high, you’re the only one who makes me fly. No way out, can’t get thru. Damn I’m so addicted to you.

129. SPERM and MAYONAISE have a lot in common. First, both are spreadable. Second, both are rich in protein. Third, both came from eggs. And of course, both are Ladies’ Choice.

130. A kid asked an old priest: “Father, what is your favourite past time since you entered priesthood?”. The priest tapped the kids shoulder and readily answered, “Nun, my child, nun.”

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