text messages 136 to 140

136. You can never change the day nor control the future. But you can change the mood of the day by touching someone’s private part…THE HEART.

137. When you lose the one you love, it doesn’t really mean you were not meant for each other. It simply means you were too busy looking for ways to save your relationship instead of looking for ways to show your love.

138. You enter my life and drive me crazy. Are you playing a game? I’m all mixed up. Tell me what it is you are trying to do before I find myself madly falling in love with you.

139. When I lost you, I lost the one who I loved most. But between us, you lost more, for I can love others the way I loved you but you’ll never be loved the way I am loving you.

140. The difficulty is not dying for love, but finding a love worth dying for.

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