text messages 161 to 165

161. Love is gentle, love is kind, lately you have been on my mind. Love is sweet, love is tender, wonder if we could be together. Love is patient, love is true, but you know what? I think love is YOU.

162. I wouldn’t know what to do if I’d lost you. I wouldn’t know what to say if the time comes when you would go away. Tears would fall and my heart would break, but loving you would never be a mistake.

163. If your heart tells you one thing, and your head tells you another, you should decide whether you have a better head or a better heart.

164. HOW TO GET OVER LOVE? 5. Say goodbye but never say hello again. 4. Forget but never regret. 3. Pick up the pieces but never put them back. 2. Feel the pain but never keep it. 1. Move on.

165. People come and go in your life. Sometimes friendships are based on its tangibility. But always remember, true and lasting friendships are beyond what the five senses can provide.

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