text messages 166 to 170

166. If you’d ask me how many times you entered my mind, I’d lie if I say many times. ‘Coz you only crossed my mind once, once nga lang. But you haven’t left since then.

167. When you decide to love, allow it to grow. When you promise to love, refuse to let it die. Love is a painful risk to take, only love makes you cry and only love knows why.

168. Everyone tries to be their best for someone. Like what I am trying to be for you. But remember, you don’t have to do the same for me. ‘Coz what you are right now, will always be perfect for me.

169. It is not wrong to still love someone you have loved before. But if the love you feel bring tears to someone else, be fair ‘coz you might not know that the one you hurt is the one who could love you even more.

170. Chirst’s presence does not keep the storms away but He is with us in the storm. We are safer in danger with Christ than in quietness without Him.

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