text messages 216 to 220

216. Being a friend is a hard job. You work 24 hours a day without pay, sometimes unappreciated. But I still want to be your friend, ‘coz that is the only job that makes me feel the richest person in the world!

217. Don’t run ahead of God. Let Him direct your steps. He has plans and He has time. God’s clock is never early or late. It always strikes on time.

218. When the day comes that you stop needing me as your friend, I will give you space and leave you alone. But I will never stop being here for you. A friend you never know you still have.

219. JESUS is like a computer. He ENTERS your life, SAVES you from sin, FORMATS your destiny, SHIFTS you to righteousness, and never DELETES your from His memory.

220. Good things you have done will never be lost. Your kind act takes root and every bit of love you sow will come right back to you for God knows you have a good heart.

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