text messages 171 to 175

171. Sometimes I think twice before I text you. Baka kase busy ka, bad trip, wala sa mood, o kaya naman walang balak magreply. Pero ayos lang yun, at least diba, isa ako sa mga taong suki ng inbox mo.

172. When it comes to love, people say that guys can wait forever for the girl they want and girls don’t. But we girls dare to disagree! Know why? ‘Cause we always WAIT but they are always LATE!

173. Whenever you feel low, depressed, or useless, remember that you are the same person that once won a battle against a million others. Go spermie! Go spermie!

174. Ang puso napapagod din. Napapagod maghintay! Napapagod magtiis! Napapagod magmahal! Napapagod masaktan! Kaya ikaw ingat ka. Baka one day sabihin sa’yo na, “sorry, pagod na ko.”

175. Love is like a job. At first, we are an applicant then we became contractual. And if our performance is good, we became regular. But except for one thing, love can work even without salary.

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