text messages 196 to 200

196. God said, “build a better world”. I said, “How? The world is so messed up. There is nothing I can do”. But God said, “just build a better YOU and influence others”.

197. It takes a lifetime to find a perfect love and it only takes a moment to lose it forever. So if you love someone, show it now, because a lost today, is a lost forever.

198. In life, you can buy gifts but not love. You can lie to others but not to yourself. You can buy a companion but never a friend.

199. The secret of a truly fulfilling life is losing oneself for others. It is the givers of this world who know and experience what life is all about.

200. It is really amazing when two strangers become nice friends. But it is sad when nice friends become two strangers. Hope it won’t happen to us for I will be missing you.

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