text messages 246 to 250

246. You can choose who to care, who to protect, who to share life with. But you can never choose who to fall in love with. ‘Coz love is not a choice. It is DESTINY.

247. Madaling sumaya, malungkot at mainis. Madaling malasing ng walang alak o ma-high ng walang drugs. Madaling mabaliw within a few seconds. Alam mo kung papano? Simple, magmahal ka.

248. You can never hide the pain that you feel and make others think that you can move on. But you can never deny the truth that the person who failed and hurt you, is still the same person you wish to love you.

249. SALAWIKAIN 2008: Ang hindi lumingon sa pinanggalingan, may utang? Ang maglakad ng matulin, kubeta ang tutunguhin? Aanhin pa ang damo eh shabu na ang uso?

250. God asked a civil engineer, “what mistake did I make in designing a woman?” Engineer: “Sir, the entertainment area is very close to the septic tank!”

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