text messages 251 to 255

251. Jesus is the arm that will hold you at your weakest; the eye that will guide you at your darkest; and the heart that will love you at your worst. Enjoy God’s love!

252. The most humbling statement we can say is “I am nothing without God.” And our most powerful statement is, “WITH GOD, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.”

253. God loves you so much that He turns His ear to you constantly. He always answers your requests. Maybe not with a yes, but always with what is best.

254. I’ve been waiting all my life to find someone like you. Now that you are here, I realized mali pala. Dapat di kita hinintay, sana hinanap kita. Noon pa sana, ganito na ako kasaya.

255. Ang tunay na kagandahan ay hindi nakikita sa pisikal na anyo ng isang tao kundi nasa PUSO! Yan, yan ang motto ng mga pangit! Buti na lang ang akin eh, TIME IS GOLD.

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